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Review an ACC decision

As an ACC customer, you can review decisions we make about your claim or levy invoice.

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    What is a review?

    You can apply for a review if we’ve made a decision on your claim or levy invoice that you disagree with.

    If you’re unhappy with a decision we’ve made, make sure to get in touch with the person you’ve been dealing with. Their contact details will be in your decision letter. They'll explain in more detail why we've made this decision and can come back to you with answers.

    If you have an issue or concern with our service, you can find out how to sort a problem with your claim.

    Sort out a problem with your claim

    If you lodge a review, we’ll take another look at the decision we made. An ACC Review Specialist will work with you to resolve the issues you’ve raised as quickly as possible.

    We’ll do our best to reach a resolution with you at each stage of the review process. If we can’t resolve things together, we can involve an independent reviewer or conciliator, who can help us resolve the issues you’ve raised, or decide whether to uphold or overturn our decision.

    When to apply for a review

    You need to apply for a review within three months of our decision. This date is on your decision letter or invoice.

    We may accept late applications in some situations, for example, if your injury meant you couldn’t apply in time. If you submit a late application, your Review Specialist will seek further information from you when considering if we can accept it. Call us so we can talk about it.

    Phone 0800 101 996

    Paying your invoice while waiting for a review

    If your problem is about a levy invoice, it’s a good idea to still pay your invoice until we reach a resolution on your review. Not paying your levy on time could mean we charge you fees.

    Who can apply for a review

    You can apply for a review if you’re:

    • a client, or their representative, friend, or family member
    • a client advocate or lawyer
    • someone who has received a levy invoice, for example, someone who is self-employed
    • an employer.

    Getting advice from a third party

    You may want to get some advice or support when you send us a review. There are community services who can give free and confidential advice:

    Citizens Advice Bureau
    Community Law
    Workplace Injury Advocacy Service
    Way Finders

    How to apply for a review

    Fill in the review application or write us a letter.

    ACC33 Review application

    If you’re sending us a letter, include:

    • your name, address and contact number
    • the claim number, or ACC number if it’s a levy review
    • the date of the decision we made that you’d like reviewed
    • why you want a review, and what you'd like to happen as a result of the review
    • whether you'd like any cultural support or have accessibility needs
    • any supporting documents or evidence to support your review.

    If you’re sending us a review more than three months after the decision, please let us know why you weren’t able to submit it in time.

    1. If you’re applying on someone’s behalf

      You’ll need to complete and include the authority to act form with your application.

      ACC5937 Authority to act
    2. Send us your letter or application

      Email us or post the review application or letter.


      ACC Resolution Services
      PO Box 892
      Waikato Mail Centre
      Hamilton 3240

    3. The review process

      Once we’ve received your review application, we’ll get in touch with you.

      We’ll do our best to reach a resolution with you at each stage of the review process. If we can’t resolve things together, we can involve an independent conciliator or reviewer before we reach the stage of a review hearing.  

      Early in the process, an independent conciliator or reviewer can help us discuss the issues you’ve raised in your review and help us find a solution. They can also clarify anything they aren’t sure about, and ensure that everyone is prepared for a review hearing if necessary. 

      If you’d like to discuss anything, you’re welcome to get in touch with your Review Specialist using the details at the bottom of any letters you receive from us. You can also email or call us.
    4. Review hearings

      If we’re unable to agree on a resolution early in the process, the reviewer will arrange a review hearing at a time that suits everyone

      At a review hearing, an independent reviewer will consider all the information available to them, including information about your case, ACC Legislation, and written submissions from both you and ACC. After the review hearing, the reviewer will make a decision either in your favour, or in ACC’s favour.

      The reviewer’s decision is final, and you’ll be sent a copy of their decision within 28 days of the hearing. If you don’t agree with the reviewer’s decision, you have the option to appeal it through the District Court, however costs may apply.

    5. Who pays for a review?

      We pay for the costs of an independent review. We may also pay other costs related to the review, for example reimbursing the cost for you to get to your review hearing.

    List of costs and expenses we can cover as part of a review


    Last published: 18 February 2021