Online services terms and conditions

These are the conditions for using the online services and forms on the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) website. These services and forms are owned and operated by ACC.

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    Registering using a RealMe login

    If you want to register to use any of our services or forms you need a RealMe login.

    RealMe is a service from the New Zealand government and New Zealand Post that includes a single login, letting you use one username and password to access a wide range of services online.

    About RealMe

    Security responsibilities

    As a registered user you’re responsible for keeping your username and password confidential. Registered users include an individual, agent, customer administrator, account administrator or financial agent for an organization. If you do any action on our sites using your your username and password, we’ll consider it to be done by you, so:

    • never disclose your password or 'secret question answer' to anyone else, including our staff
    • if you think someone has learned your username, password or 'secret question answer', you must immediately:
      • change your password
      • change your secret question
      • call our Business Customer Centre
      • call the RealMe helpdesk if it's about a RealMe login.

    Business customer centre
    Phone 0800 222 776

    RealMe helpdesk
    Phone 0800 664 774

    You must keep your account active and registration details up to date. 

    We provide security to protect our website and online services. You're responsible for ensuring that your own computer is secure. This includes taking all reasonable steps to:

    • prevent someone misusing or getting unauthorised access to your computer system or to our services online
    • ensure your computer system and data are free of computer viruses and all other forms of corruption.

    All data or information transmitted to us through your use of services online becomes our property and may be relied upon by us in our dealings with you.

    Responsibility for damage

    It's unlawful to intentionally cause damage to this website or to any electronic facility or data we own through the knowing transmission of any program, information or code.

    We're not responsible in any manner for direct, indirect, special or consequential loss caused in any way as a result of the use of online service, or this website.

    Protecting your privacy when collecting data

    As a registered user, we may collect internet data for website statistics use. We’ll capture your name and provider ID, if it applies.

    We’ll store, use and dispose any data collected in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993. 

    Using an online service

    When you use an online service, you’re saying that you’re authorised to do so by the person for whom you're using the services, eg your employer. It also means that the other person, eg your employer, has authority to act on behalf of the levy payer.

    If you’ve been given the ability to create sub-accounts, you agree to maintain these accounts to ensure that only authorised persons have access to the online services.

    If you’re an administrator for an organisation, you can set up accounts for other users in your organisation, to use our services.  Any users you create will need to access services using their own RealMe login before they can activate their user account with us.

    Registering as an organisation

    An organisation can register for our online services.

    If an organisation registers, one or more individuals who have the authority to represent the organisation, eg a director, must register as a customer administrator.

    The registered customer administrator will be responsible for the actions of other members of the organisation when they’re using our online services. 

    Customer administrators:

    • must be members of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants (NZICA) or Tax Agents’ Institute of New Zealand (TINZ). NZICA members can link clients to the organisation themselves. TINZ members can request clients to be linked to the organisation 
    • can create and manage portfolios
    • can link clients to 'my' portfolio
    • can de-link clients from the organisation.

    ‘Link client’ requests must be sent to us for processing. 

    Responsibilities of organisations

    If an organisation uses our services or forms through an agent, customer administrator, account administrator or financial agent, the user organisation represents to us that the:

    • person through whom the organisation accesses the services has the authority to act on behalf of the organisation, in relation to the online services
    • organisation accepts responsibility for any actions undertaken via our website by the Agent Portfolio Manager, Advisor Portfolio Manager, Agent/Advisor User Administrator or an Agent/Advisor
    • organisation has the written authority to act on behalf of any levy payer they've linked to their portfolio.

    It’s the responsibility of the organisation to ensure that all administrators or users have been given the correct access and that access is immediately revoked for any staff that leave the organisation.

    Manage account access online

    The manage account access service can be used by an organisation to create and manage access to their online account.

    There are two levels of access:

    • an agent’s level, which gives read-only access to clients. It’s determined by the respective account administrator
    • the account administrator level, which allows users to:
      • set up and maintain customer administrators, account administrators, financial agents and agents
      • assign services
      • change user roles.

    Our online services

    Our online services include forms, calculators, email and phone message alerts, and support service.

    Online forms

    This website contains a number of online forms you can use to send us information.

    When completing an online form you must:

    • fill in all required information
    • ensure that the information you supply is true and correct.

    We may use any information you provide to update your record, and in relation to your levy or claim.

    By submitting any online form, you’re considered to have read and accepted our privacy policy for this website.

    Online calculators

    We calculate your levy using the liable income information you give to Inland Revenue.

    If the information entered into our online calculators differs from that, your levy will also differ. Please note that calculations made using our online calculators are neither quotes nor estimates, and that the final invoice(s) you receive from us overrule any estimate calculations run via this tool.

    The GST rate is determined by the date of the original invoice, which will be set at 15% from 1 October 2010, and may differ from the rate illustrated.

    While all due care and attention has been taken in specifying rates and prices used in the calculators, no liability is accepted for any inaccuracy, loss or damage suffered by any party resulting from the use of, or action taken as a result of, the contents of the calculators.

    Viewing your cover or claim information online

    Registered users may view some cover or claim information online. Such information will be as current as it is practicable.

    Every effort has been made to ensure that the information is accurate. However, users of this website are advised that we don’t accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever, whether in contract, tort, equity or otherwise, for any action taken, or reliance placed, as a result of reading any part, or all, of the information in this website or for any error, inadequacy, deficiency, flaw in or omission from the information provided in this website.

    If a user considers that any information about their cover or claim is incorrect or incomplete, please contact us and, if appropriate, we'll correct the information.

    Email and mobile phone message alerts

    Registered users of our website may subscribe to receive mobile phone text and email alerts, eg reminders to pay levies, submit medical certificates.

    By subscribing to this service you agree that we don’t accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever, whether in contract, tort, equity or otherwise, for any action taken, or reliance placed, as a result of receiving or not receiving any such text or email alert or for any information in any such text or email alert or for any error, inadequacy, deficiency, flaw in or omission from the information provided in any text or email alert.

    Services support

    We can help you with these online services during usual business hours.

    All reasonable measures have been taken to ensure that our support is accurate. However, we assume no legal liability or responsibility for the services provided by support. We may discontinue support for services at any time. 

    Changes to the website

     We may change, suspend or discontinue any aspect of this website at any time, including any services or content offered.

    Suspension of access

    We may, at our discretion, suspend or restrict your access to this website or any part of it for any reason.

    Governing law

    This website is governed by New Zealand law, and the Courts of New Zealand who have exclusive jurisdiction.

    Last published: 20 December 2017