Annual Scheme Access Reporting

We are consulting on a new requirement to report annually on access to the Accident Compensation scheme for injured people. To have your say, you can download the consultation paper then complete the feedback survey, or write, or email us. 

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    What is ACC annual scheme access reporting?

    In 2023, an amendment to the Accident Compensation Act introduced a new requirement for ACC to report annually on levels of access to the Accident Compensation scheme by Māori and other identified population groups. The reports will include information on levels of access, disparities in access, barriers to access and causes of the barriers and disparities.

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    Our proposed approach

    Our proposed approach to access reporting will also allow us to investigate other factors that may impact on people lodging a claim, for example, where they live, if they are experiencing material hardship, and any other relevant factors.

    The objectives of ACC’s annual scheme access reports are to:

    • improve focus on, and understanding of, how people with personal injuries are accessing, or not accessing, the Scheme, and
    • increase transparency about levels of access to the Scheme, including any disparities in accessing the Scheme by different population groups.

    What we learn as we write the reports will help us to identify gaps in access and develop an evidence-based approach to how we might best meet different people’s needs.

    Before preparing the first report, we are required to consult on the methods we propose to use. The consultation timeline is:

    • February 2024: Consultation opens
    • April 2024: Consultation closes
    • April to June 2024: Report drafted
    • After 30 June 2024: Report provided to the Minister for ACC
    • Annual Scheme access report presented to Parliament.

    We would like to hear your views

    Your views and opinions will help us think about the approach we take to develop our new annual scheme access report.

    Once you have downloaded and read the paper, you will need to then return to this web page to provide your feedback below. 

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    Download the consultation paper as an accessible word document

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    Download the consultation paper as a PDF document

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    How to have your say

    We’d appreciate hearing from you by Monday 8 April 2024.

    You can respond to one question or all of them, it’s up to you. 

    Complete the feedback survey
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    Contact us

    Alternatively you can write to us at:

    Policy Manager
    Accident Compensation Corporation
    PO Box 242
    Wellington 6140
    New Zealand

    If you have any questions, you can send us an email:


    Last published: 21 March 2024