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Datasets cover the financial years 2011/12 to 2017/18.

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Differences between new claims and active claims

When working with this data, you should be aware of the statistical differences between new claims and active claims.

New claims

New claims are based on the date the claim was lodged with ACC. The claim has one lodgement date, irrespective of outcomes, decisions, or severity, and is counted as ‘new’ once.

Active claims

Active claims are identified each time a claim has received a payment. For example, a payment to a client for weekly compensation or a health practitioner for a service provided to a client.

Active claims are normally higher than new claims. This is because one claim may receive several payments over time, and could be active over several years.

How you can use the data

There are no restrictions on the audience. We’ve prepared the data to be used by the public, and as a tool by other organisations or agencies.

The data has then been aggregated into viewing tables, that allows you to view and compare the results in different ways. For example, the number of claims per year by age or by age groups and location.

The data can be used as a point of interest, a ‘did you know’, or as official ACC statistics feeding other organisations’ work streams. 

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Last published: 5 March 2020