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Number New

Number of new paid injury claims in the period. For example, from July 2005 to June 2006, 1,525,550 new claims were paid.

When ACC first makes a payment on a claim, it is . A claim is new in year of first payment.

Number New is included in the Number (of) Active claims.


A period of time is five years based on when ACC last updated the paid injury claim data.

Number Active

The number of paid injury claims in the period (ie the number of claims where ACC made payments in the year, even though an accident may have happened and been registered in previous years). This includes new claims and ongoing claims.

Total Cost ($000s)

Total cost represents the sum of all payments to active claims in the selected group.
Amount of money paid out on active claims in that period.
The total cost is net of GST.

Statistics on our claims

Use our tool to get statistics on our claims over the past five years. You can filter by type of injury, where and how the accident happened, age and gender.

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What was the injury?

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Where did it happen?

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Claims and total costs

Financial year New claims Active claims Total cost

The external injury stats contains annual data for the financial year 1 July 2017 – 30 June 2018. 


  • These statistics are approximate. If you need data for research or analysis, contact:
    Email statistics@acc.co.nz
  • ≤ 3 means that the cell contains less than or equal to three claims. We've removed this data to protect the privacy of our clients.

We’ve released our first dataset on data.govt

We’ve released our first dataset on data.govt. This is to align with the Government’s commitment to improving practices around the proactive release and publishing of official information.

ACC falls dataset on data.govt

Our first dataset contains falls data

The falls data covering the financial years 2012 to 2017, quantifies ACC claims for injury from falls by cause or mechanism of the injury, for example:

  • Loss balance or personal control
  • Loss of consciousness or sleep
  • Misjudgement of support
  • Slipping or skidding on foot
  • Something giving way underfoot
  • Tripping or stumbling.

In working with this data, you should be aware of the statistical differences between new claims and active claims. 

New claims

New claims are based on the date the claim was lodged with ACC. The claim has one lodgement date, irrespective of outcomes, decisions, or severity, and is counted as ‘new’ once.

Active claims

Active claims are identified each time a claim has received a payment. For example, a payment to a client for weekly compensation or a health practitioner for a service provided to a client.

Active claims are normally higher than new claims. This is because one claim may receive several payments over time, and could be active over several years.

How you can use the data

There are no restrictions on the audience. We’ve prepared the data to be used by the public, and as a tool by other organisations or agencies.

The data has then been aggregated into viewing tables, that allows you to view and compare the results in different ways. For example, the number of claims per year by age or by age groups and location.

The data can be used as a point of interest, a ‘did you know’, or as official ACC statistics feeding other organisations’ work streams.

ACC falls dataset on data.govt