Corporate documents

As we're accountable to all New Zealanders, find out about our reports, strategic plans and agreements with the government.

Statement of intent

The statement of intent summarises our strategic intentions for the next four years.

It includes our:

  • medium-term outcomes
  • vision
  • areas of focus.

Statement of intent 2018–2022

Service agreement

The service agreement is between ACC and the Minister for ACC.

It outlines for the coming year:

  • the actions we plan to take
  • the quality and quantity of services we provide
  • the expected cost of service deliveries.

Service agreement 2019-2020

Notice of extension

ACC has been granted a three month extension to the Service agreement 2020-2021 timelines.

Service agreement 2020-2021 – notice of extension

Quarterly report

We produce a quarterly report that shows the progress of the yearly objectives, as shown in the statement of intent.

First quarterly report 2019-2020

Second quarterly report 2019-2020

Third quarterly report 2019-2020

Annual report

We produce an annual report which the government reviews. It confirms whether we've achieved the goals outlined in the statement of intent, and met government performance standards.

Annual report 2019

Annual financial condition report

We produce an annual financial condition report that assesses our financial operations, condition and liabilities. 

Annual financial condition report 2019

Performance Improvement Framework - follow-up review

The State Services Commission published a Performance Improvement Framework for ACC in 2014. This is 2017 follow-up review evaluates whether we're on track to meet the performance targets set in 2014:

ACC Performance Improvement Framework - follow-up review

Gender pay gap report

We're committed to diversity and inclusion. We want a workforce that is representative of our customers – the New Zealand population. We look at what our data is telling us about our workplace and make goals to grow our inclusivity. We review remuneration data, and pay close attention to gender and ethnic pay and representation within ACC.

The ACC Gender Pay Gap Report 2020 covers our permanent and fixed-term employees. Our current data shows gender diversity is strong through most levels of ACC.

Gender Pay Gap Action Plan for ACC – February 2020

Briefing to the incoming Minister for ACC

We produce a briefing report to the incoming Minister for ACC.

Briefing to the Incoming Minister - 26 October 2017

Chief Executive's expenses

We release the expenses of our Chief Executive.

Chief Executive's expenses - 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020 (Scott Pickering)

Past corporate documents

You can find our corporate documents from previous years in our resource hub. 

Past corporate documents

Documents are available from 2012 where applicable.

If you're looking for annual reports before 2012, you can find it on the Archives New Zealand website:

Find earlier ACC annual reports

If you're looking for any other reports before 2012, email us and we'll try to help.


Last published: 31 July 2020